Meet the owner

I'm Jessica, but a lot of people do just call me "Jstar!"

While I do have some help making and selling my jewelry, this is still a small enough business that I'm the one you'll be talking to if you call or email!

In addition to running this business, I'm also a toddler mom. When I'm not in the studio making jewelry, you'll probably find me chasing my son around at the playground.

How it started

I started making jewelry in 2008 purely as a creative hobby. I had zero intention of selling my designs, but friends, family, and coworkers kept asking to buy the jewelry they saw me wearing.

Around 2010, I realized there was a desire for handmade jewelry that didn't cost several hundred dollars for a single item, so I decided to start a jewelry business that focused on using simple designs, economical gemstones, and non-precious metals to make owning handmade jewelry possible for more people.

how its going

After several years of making jewelry as my "side hustle," I was able to make this business my full-time job in 2017.

By 2018, the business had outgrown my little workspace at home so I moved into a studio inside Cottonwood Center for the Arts in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In May 2022 I moved into a larger studio at Cottonwood, giving me room for production, shopping, and teaching all in one space. Jewelry-making classes will begin in August 2022.

427 E. Colorado Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Wed - Fri, 10am - 4:30pm
Saturday, 10am - 5pm


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