What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry (also known as forever jewelry, infinity jewelry, welded jewelry, zap jewelry, etc.) is delicate-yet-durable chain bracelets or anklets that are closed with a precision jewelry welding tool instead of a traditional clasp.  They are custom fit to your wrist or ankle, painless to attach, and can be customized just to your liking!

How much will it cost?

Prices will start at $50, but your final price will vary depending on how you choose to personalize your jewelry.  Metal type, chain style, and optional charms will determine the final price.

What metals can I choose from?

I will have sterling silver and gold-filled chains available for walk-ins and pop-ups.  14k gold is only available by special order and requires a 50% deposit and an appointment.

I’ve also heard of permanent necklaces and rings. Will I be able to get one of those?

No.  I am only offering bracelets and anklets because of comfort or safety concerns.  Necklaces can be a choking hazard and rings can fit very differently from one day to the next.

Why aren’t there any dates or times shown?

This is a completely new service for my studio, so I am waiting for equipment and supplies to arrive. The welding machine, chains, charms, etc. are all shipping from different vendors and I don’t have control over their exact arrival dates. I’ll also need a little bit of time to practice using the welder before I can start scheduling appointments. I’m hoping to be fully set up by June 20th, but please sign up for my email list if you want to be updated on the official start date.