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Maybe you snagged your long necklace on a door knob
Maybe your kid grabbed your necklace and yanked really hard
Maybe it literally just fell apart in your hands (it does happen)

We’ve all been there… Wearing a favorite piece of jewelry and then BAM… it’s in pieces.

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If it’s an engagement ring – or any other piece of fine jewelry – you would probably head straight to Google to find a local jeweler to repair it. But what about your favorite cute necklace that you bought at Target 4 years ago? Or those handmade earrings you bought at a street fair last summer while traveling?

Sure, it’s “just cheap jewelry”… You can probably afford to replace the piece, and could do so with minimal effort. (Any excuse to go to Target, right?!!??) But if you’re anything like me, you get ATTACHED to your favorite pieces of jewelry. Maybe the broken piece reminds you of the old friend who gave it to you, or the trip when you bought it, or a super-fun event you attended while wearing it. Whatever the reason, you don’t WANT to replace it. You just want to be able to wear it again.

Good news… you might be able to!

Maybe you know someone who makes jewelry, either as a hobby or professionally. Start by asking them. If they don’t know how to fix your piece, they may be able to connect you with someone who does.

If you don’t know anyone who makes jewelry, call your closest bead store to ask if they do repairs. Many bead shop owners have experience in a wide variety of jewelry-making techniques, and like a jewelry-maker, they probably also have a network of people they could refer you to if they can’t help. (And if you find yourself breaking a lot of jewelry, see if the bead store offers classes and learn how to fix your pieces yourself!)

I actually repair a LOT of jewelry that I didn’t make. I know how frustrating it is to not be able to wear your favorite thing anymore, so I’ll do everything in my power to make your piece(s) wearable again. And if I can’t repair your jewelry, I probably know someone who can.

Check out a few examples of past repair projects I’ve done:

This is one of those "it just fell apart in my hands" situations. The customer wanted this necklace shorter than it originally was, so I was able to make a necklace AND a pair of earrings out of the parts she brought me.
Wrap Bracelet Repair
Back in the day when I made wrap bracelets, I repaired this one for a coworker who LOVED this bracelet and wore it until it was literally falling apart. This was one of my most challenging repairs EVER!


I can’t tell you if I can repair something for you without seeing it first.  You can send a photo, but even that is hard to tell sometimes.  Best thing to do is to make an appointment with me and bring the piece to my studio.  Have multiple broken things?  Bring them all at once!

While looking at your piece(s), I’ll let you know what I can and can’t fix.  I’ll give you an estimate of the cost, which will vary depending on the type of work I have to do and if it needs any replacement parts.  I’ve been able to do some repairs for as little as $5, so if you have a favorite thing that’s broken it’s definitely worth showing me.

Repairs are generally completed in 5-10 business days, although some super simple repairs can be completed on the spot.  It might take longer than 10 days if I have to order replacement parts, but I would definitely let you know if this was the case!

So if you’ve got a stash of broken jewelry bits that you would love to be able to wear again, let’s talk.

Email me to set up a time to bring in your piece(s) and let’s get those favorites out of the bottom of your jewelry box!

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