Custom Jewelry

Posted by Jessica Rausch on

Getting the exact right jewelry can be REALLY easy

If you love one of my designs, but don't love the color... just ask!  Almost all of my designs can be made using other gemstones to get the exact right look that you're going for.  Check out this 34 second video showing just how easy it can be:

Customizing pre-existing designs is great for several reasons:

  • There's usually little to no cost difference between the customized piece and the original piece.
  • Can sometimes be made on the spot, so you can leave that day with a unique jewelry item
  • Designs can be modified to accommodate many jewelry "problems" like metal allergies, clasp types, length preferences, etc.
  • Great way to create a unique gift for multiple people like bridesmaids or event organizers without the expense of fully custom designs.

Email me a with any questions about customizing an existing design!

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