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I’ve had the idea of using digital crystal artwork to create decor and usable products for at least a year now.  If you’ve already seen my crystal stickers, that was me dipping a toe into this project but I have decided it was time to cannonball in!

About the Printed Crystals collection

The new “Printed Crystals” collection contains exclusive products that allow you to incorporate the beauty of natural stones into your life in more ways than just having a pretty display of specimens on a shelf.

Some items - like the wall clocks - are purely decorative.  They offer a completely new way to include crystals in your living space.

Usable items make it possible for you to take your crystal-inspired stuff on-the-go.  Use the travel pouches to carry make-up, jewelry, or art supplies.  Spiral notebooks are great for journaling and to-do lists.

Where to buy

When you order online, your Printed Crystals items are created specially for you and then shipped to you by the printing company.  This is known as “print-on-demand” and allows me to design more options than creating them through traditional manufacturing.

If you are local to Colorado Springs and don’t want to wait for an item to be shipped to you, visit Eclectic OCC in Old Colorado City to see which products I have in stock.

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